Saturday, 29 March 2008

Yesterday dinner was tapas, at a relatively new place in Aberdeen that I'm now a returning customer to. This is Eljos of course, on Langstane Place. I really like the food and limiting myself to only vegetable and fish dishes there was still plenty of choice. I really like the chickpeas in the spicy tomato sauce, and the prawns were more succulent and juicy than I've had in a long time. There are directions on the website and it might be an idea to reserve a table as it can get busy.
01224 572898


Mina said...

I think you should mention that a very significant woman in your life has turned 25 today - maybe a special recipe should be posted to honour the occasion??

Biloo said...

Oh there will be! Its for a special cake! a cake of love! But not tonight.

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