Sunday, 2 March 2008

It'll come as no great surprise when I tell you that I moisturise, yeah... some men do, that's just the crazy world we live in now. Well, on stepping out of the shower today I realised that I had run out of the stuff I'd been using recently, I went to a local store (all the while feeling dry and stiff, of course) to restock. I noticed whilst there the vast amount of products directly targeted at men. In fact a whole isle of tonics and balms and salves. Normally I use generic, unisex brands but today I thought I'd have a look at some of these products 'scientifically rendered to deal with the demands of a male body' and hopefully get something with 'fighting ingredients for when things heat up', things are always heating up for me.
Yes, the language on these things is every 'A-level English' students wet dream (ahh, gender and language!), and its not just what they say its what's missed out; one product I looked at, in essence a tinted moisturiser, was full of information about harmful UVA rays and amino proteins but failed to mention that you'd be colouring your face...The statement 'just like foundation' would have sufficed. So we are now buying more and more cosmetic/beauty products, but we're still in denial? We know what we're doing (make-up, shh!), but we're not quite comfortable enough to have details written down on a bottle and stare at us from the vanity cupboard as we shave?...or pluck, tone, etc.
Well I AM comfortable hydrating my skin with the 'latest in male grooming technology', I do though object to the price (we reach our point). All the products I looked at were twice the price of their unisex cousins. I doubt that this is because men are now so eager to achieve a flawless complexion that money is no barrier, but more because targeting one sex is cutting your market down by at least 50% which means selling less products overall and this has to equal higher prices. How can we over come this? Well men, be kinder to your skin (and my wallet), and remember the packaging wont even give away your secret!

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