Saturday, 22 March 2008

In Memory of a grey cat.
I'm feeling a little sick, I saw a cat get run over today, a cute, fluffy, grey, ALIVE cat.
It was like the cat in the Sheba adverts. I was in the passenger seat of my friends car just going round a roundabout when it happened. It was almost in slow motion. The cat came running from the pavement on the left hand side of the roundabout and sprinted towards the grassy bit in the middle, only it didn't make it, and ran right under the wheels of the car in front of us. The driver 'hit and ran'. We stopped there in the middle of a somewhat busy roundabout, me sinking down lower in my seat not looking at the scene and shouting at my friend to get out and do something (yeah I'm great in difficult situations) and my friend, the driver, transfixed with the poor casualty (I wont go into detail) repeating over and over “I don't have my phone on me”, later I enquired as to what he was hoping to do with his phone, (praying in the back of my mind he didn't say “to video it for YouTube” -sorry, but you never know) and he said “to call the RSPCA or something”, I didn't have the heart to explain that they wouldn't have fast response teams with local kitty ambulances. In the end we couldn't stay blocking the way on the roundabout and drove on. That's what is making me feel the worst, why didn't we move the cat off the road or... what would you do? You see road-kill sometimes, but apart from seeing the actual accident, I think this was worse because it was clearly a pet and not a wild animal. I know there will be someone at home tonight waiting for their cat to come home... and it wont. That sucks!
I'm a little angry at as well! At the driver who hit the cat and drove away and at the owners who had a cat on such a busy road. When I got home I gave Scoobie (my cat) three treats. He wasn't allowed out either (it was snowing).

Scoobie gives me a hug!


Anonymous said...

Poor Bil. How horrible.

Poor cat! :-(

Good job my cat is fat and lazy...


Biloo said...

Yeah, it was bad! Wish mine was fat and lazy!
ANYWAY, I do have a big, fat, chocolate, Lindt rabbit waiting for you!

Maa said...


fangirl2008 said...

How are you bill? Feel really bad that you saw that poor cat become one with the road. Its times like these that personally I look to the parable of the lion king to sort out my head. Think back to one of the earlier scenes where Simba (and the audience) is taught of he cycle of life. Of course, cats don't really decompose on tar roads. More food please, tell me: what can I cook if in my cupboard I only have asparagus, wheat, tomatoes, cheese, runner beans, falafel, a few pieces of chicken breast and tamarind. Thank you!

Maa said...

Yes, Usman is your biggest fan.

Biloo said...

Firstly I would recommend that you keep your chicken breast in the fridge and not the cupboard.
That's quite a mix bag of food you have there, dunno what you want to make, but I would avoid using it all together! Tonight I'm making a ratatouille sorta thing, with Mediterranean vegetables in a tomato sauce with a puff pastry case. Umm will let you know if its any good!

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