Tuesday, 18 March 2008

Fun and Dim Sum. (Title just for Maarya)
This Saturday I woke up with the sun on my face. What a lovely day, luckily we've had a few good ones this winter. I woke up thinking for some reason, about one of my college friends in London, Debbie. After trying unsuccessfully to get a hold of her on the phone, for a chat, I decided to have a sort of Debbie and Ballal tribute day. The Debbie and Ballal day involved my being dragged through hundreds of shops down the length of Oxford street with a stop at almost every Starbucks along the way and then my favourite part of the day DINNER (if only because I got to put down all her bags!); and because we would usually end up in the arcades in China Town, Chinese would usually be on the menu.
I forwent our traditional Starbucks coffee stop and grabbed my Americano from 'Books and Beans',- http://www.booksandbeans.co.uk/index.html -this is a great workday lunch stop with fresh home made soups every day. It was also Aberdeen's first independent Fair Trade coffee shop. The addition of over a thousand second hand books means you can often spend a little longer then intended in here, so I got my coffee to go! Caffeine steaming through me I was ready to hit the shops, it had been months since I'd brought any new cloths and even longer since I'd brought non-work cloths. Deviating from the obvious Union street shopping route, I came across a place that I had been walking past, to and from work, but never been in; Retro Rebels- http://www.retrorebels.co.uk/ -I ended up getting two new T-shirts and because even this was making me feel a little guilty (end of the month) I decided that was all the clothes shopping I could take (afford).

Taking my new top out for a flight.
Lunch time fast approaching and being alone, I decided to go past the Chinese Super Market - http://www.matthewsfoods.co.uk/ -and grab something to take home. Boy was I happy I checked this place out! All the oriental ingredients I could ever need under one (massive) corrugated roof. And priced much better then my regular supermarket. Spoilt for choice, I eventually picked up some Dim Sum. I LOVE Dim Sum. I went for some Leek Dumplings (Ha Cao He) Shrimp dumplings (Har Gow) and Lotus paste buns. Ahhh my tummies still smiling. I couldnt resist buying the little steamer/serving things in the picture!

Regulars (mum) might recognise my little ceramic Kulfi pot, I now use it to hold Soy Sauce!

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JennDZ - The Leftover Queen said...

That looks so great! What a wonderful way to remember your friend! :)

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