Thursday, 27 March 2008

Ma in Scotland!
My sister Maarya is visiting me from London at the moment! Yey! Were going to have all the fun that Aberdeen has to offer! I wont go on about it because I think Ma will let ya'll know how it was on Monday!
Anyway one thing we did today (not very cultural) was go to the cinema. We walked the considerable distance from the art-house cinema on Belmont street, where nothing was showing for a long while and the Vue cinema on Union street. Guess what we decided to watch.... 'Step Up 2 The streets'. Wow this is a bad film! But for some reason the trailers make you want to watch it. well they apparently did me and Ma! One character on finding a dead fish in his house says "Oh that's what that funky smell is", -NO- that smell is the movie your in!!! ahhh I could go on... I wouldn't say don't watch it though... Its very funny (in an ironic way) but don't laugh too loud at the 'intimate' moments and piss off the chaves in the row in front... maybe this ones a wait till its out on DVD number anyway!

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