Wednesday, 19 March 2008

I'm probably the only person who could manage to eat whilst watching Gordon Ramsay's Kitchen Nightmares. As he poked about in a rotten pepper and lifted the seal of a fridge to reveal cockroaches, my stomach rumbled. Snack time! And what do I have in my snack cupboard today? Popcorn. Make some, its quick easy well it is for me.
Remember that Disney Land advert with that brat; “Magical”? Well you will find yourself agreeing with her sentiment... just not about Disney... watch the video!

200g apparently makes 3 litres so change quantity accordingly.
Pour oil (2 tbs) into a pan with a lid, place over a high heat and add the popcorn (un-popped...)
Cover the pan with lid and watch amazed.
When the popping party finishes turn the heat off and chuck in some butter to melt over the popcorn, you could also add some salt... or sugar or cinnamon or spices etc etc.
(Dont open the lid of your pan like the jackass in the video...)


Mish said...

Helloooo, omgod, i make popcorn at home too, i use loaaads of butter an a lil bit of salt yummmyyyy, lol :D, im one of uzzys friends, he showed me this site, i think its reallllllly cool :D im gona be using it to reach new hights of my cookery skills :) lol for the time being keep up he good work :D

Biloo said...

Hi Mish, glad you like it! I'd love to know if you have any kitchen successes or failures that you could share with me!KEEP reading! B

Anonymous said...


AAAARRRGGGGG! That disney advert was so annoying and I had forgotten all about it. now i can't stop playing it over and over and over and over in my head. The worst thing is that she didn't just say "Magical", she did this annoying stutter thing and says "M-M-Magical"

Keep writing
I'll keep reading


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