Wednesday, 26 March 2008

Today I went to a new delicatessen that I'd spotted on Great Western Rd and before I knew it I was buying cheese! Two new cheeses, both Scottish; Criffel and Bonnett. I've been eating some ripe blue, French Roquford with crackers and grapes after dinner recently, and felt like getting something a little less intense for lunch time. These two are great cheeses, Criffel is prepared from organic unpasteurized cows milk and vegetarian rennet. Its semi soft, creamy with a rich flavour. Its not dis-smiler to a firmer brie. Bonnet is a Scottish cheese made form the milk of Sannen goats. Its a well matured white cheese, crumbly like Wensleydale. Its named after locals who worked in the bonnet industry (that's bonnet as in head wear!).
Lunch fit for a king!

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