Friday, 21 March 2008

Tools and carbs!
Its been snowing on and off for the last two days, the snows not sitting though. Its just really really cold and windy. I went to mosque today, a long over due trip, but feel all the (spiritually) better for it, and bumping into some old faces near the University campus was nice too. But the walk to and from were horrific, there's not even any public transport routes for this journey, its times like this I miss London so much! By the time I'd battered my way back to my street, nearly blinded by hail stones, flying horizontally at gale force speed, I decided I'd get a quick lunch from Sainsbury's. This is most definitely a 'carb' overload day if ever there was one. I got a tub of risotto a baguette... some crisps oh and some Frü carrot cake...
'Covent Garden Food Co' don't just do soups:
I made a garlic baguette to go with my brought risotto, this is actually some what an of an advert for my new garlic press, before it came along I was using a knife to chop garlic (shock!), and getting big bits of garlic in every thing. Get one, you need it!!
Also I used my 'handy' baguette holder/slice spacer contraption... which is good but not very necessary, as you could probably manage the job without it if your Primary Motor Cortex is even partially functioning. Yeah yeah I know I still used mine, but this was a bad day!
And there you have it! Potato, rice and bread; three carb groups on one plate, cravings rock!
(Oh and the Frü carrot cake was perfect with a cup of tea! You get eight individually wrapped pieces... I had three and then cried for a while)

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