Thursday, 13 March 2008

I have a dirty secret! I quite ashamed but its bad and I think it requires confession and the anonymity of the internet seems the ideal place to unburden myself of my guilt. I use Heinz sandwich spread in my sandwiches for work! There I said it. The 'tangy crunchy spread' to be precise. Unfortunately there's more to come and its worse; I quite like it! (gasp).
I know I could make smoked trout pate with some crusty bread or a sandwich with some great local cheddar and pickle or when there's no time for a packed lunch some sushi from Markies should do, but no, I reach for the little glass jar with the luminous 'Guar Gum' pieces and Xanthan. Do you know any other food stuffs that have ingredients beginning with X? Any way this is taking an awful long time to write, with one hand... I went to the fridge! I might go have a wash now.

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