Sunday, 6 April 2008

I went to the gym today after only having a bowl of soup for lunch. Bad idea; 'The Pussy Cat Dolls' playing on the big screen whilst I was rowing became dancing slices of pizza... Yummy. I decided that that's what I would make when I got home (yeah I think about food even whilst exercising), I could use some of my new cheese that way too!
I brought a ready mix pack for the pizza dough because I was too tired to think about yeast amounts and stuff... this is basically flour, yeast, salt and oil, in a sachet ready for mixing with water. Although I would normally make my own base from scratch I must say this wasn't bad, also it definitely beats buying a pre-made pizza base because you can decide on the thickness and size you want. Once the dough was ready I rolled it out and it needed to be left for 10 min, so I moved on to my home made pesto. For this I used: parsley (curly leaf) roughly about 40g cut off as much of the thick stalks as you can be bothered to, pine nuts 1-2 tbs, olive oil (lots, so don't use your best stuff) 2 cloves of garlic, rock salt and pepper and half a lemon (juice only). All this goes in your blender until a tasty green pesto is created. You WILL need to adjust the quantities until it looks (and tastes) good.
Once the pesto was made I prepared all the other toppings. I sliced, not too thinly two tomatoes, I also washed some asparagus ready to be chucked on. I had some very nice mixed mushrooms that I also wanted on my pizza, packs of these are sold in Sainsbury's and they contain Shitaki, Hon-Shimeji and Yellow Oyster, I gave these delicate fungi a quick wipe with a wet cloth.
Now to load up your pizza! I put a thin layer of grated Cheddar on the base of mine then the vegetables. I gave the pizza a really good drizzle of garlic extra virgin olive oil and a sprinkle of rock salt and ground pepper. Yeah there's no tomato puree base, but that's why I made the pesto, which needs to go on the pizza around the toppings towards the end of the cooking time. Finally I topped my pizza with some of my blue Harbourne cheese and popped it in to the oven for the recommended time on the pizza dough.
I tossed a bag of salad into a ball and some really tasty marinated beetroot along with some some boiled quail eggs that I brought from the International Market on Belmont street on Saturday.

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