Wednesday, 9 April 2008

At least I had the Maa Days
A small pictorial tribute to a day during my sisters visit:
Me and Maa outside Haddo House

The house

The Dead Dogs

Robin Climbs a tree

Maa climbs a tree

How many people in the trees

Me and Ma on the leaning tree... which was leaning over the pond before Maarya got on it!

More tree.. ahh the tree time!

Looking for sheep MA



The front of the house

Maarya in the kitchen...


Mina said...

Hi Billy,

Love the pictorial homage to your days with Marty.
As you know Mayoral elections are on the 1st of May. Can I urge all the Londoners who visit your site to check out the link below, a tiny collection of reasons to NOT vote for Boris,

Make sure you encourage all your friends in London to vote (preferbly for KEN)

LOts of Love

Mina said...

jj said...

Loved your pictures! Thanks for sharing.

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