Sunday, 6 April 2008

Fridge-full cheesing.
Today one of the guys who works in Sainsbury's took a look at my trolley as I was unloading onto the checkout and said “you cant need that much stuff when your in here every day!”. What does that mean!? Am I some kind of crazy, who hangs about supermarkets? or (more likely, I hope) am I a little 'food shop' obsessed? I do a very thorough shop at the weekend, but for some reason there's always an excuses to go back for something...every day.... You must do that same thing, right?
Any way I hope it's not becoming a problem, so this week I'm only going to use what I have in the house and no food shopping trips at all! Except for to the butchers...
Before I made this decision I was wise enough to 'go for coffee' at RockSalt&Snails, where after demolishing a banoffee muffin... and half a mint slice, I couldn't resist but to go downstairs to the deli... Ahh sweet gourmet heaven. This trip was actually somewhat premeditated; some weeks ago I brought some cheese from here, that I really (really) liked, unfortunately I cant remember what its called at the moment, but that's a moot point now because on asking for some, I was told that the lady who made the cheese has left Aberdeen for Germany, but the the cheese is still available... from Harrods, useful! I think the huge amount of disappointment I was feeling was quite obvious (and in hindsight probably a little worrying) so, the manager who I was interrogating about my cheese helped my pick a suitable replacement (replacement, yes the world of cheese is fickle). And find a replacement we did! Harbourne Blue, its a blue goats cheese. It really is very good, apparently there aren't many blue goats cheeses, this one is sharp in flavour and quite soft, with LOTS of blue blooms.

“Awarded several accolades over the past few years, Harbourne Blue has become very popular amongst cheese connoisseurs. The goat's milk tends to give it a characteristically white p√Ęte and crumbly texture, and also means that it matures more quickly than a cow's milk cheese The resulting flavour is usually more powerful and the fact that this cheese is blue veined enhances the flavour even further to give a cheese that is best tasted at the end of a cheeseboard.”

On tasting this cheese you know instantly that its going to be really useful in terms of how much cooking you can do with it, pasta sauces, creamy cheesy chicken and pizzas. I'm planning a pizza for tonight! If you like blue cheese, see if you can find this one at your local deli, though apparently its in quite short supply in early spring.

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