Sunday, 17 February 2008

Today's Sunday paper was the Times:

Smugglers cash in on handbag dog fad
I blame Paris Hilton!

Delia Smith changes the way we eat in new book
Delia does a 'cheat' cook book... surprise, surprise, every one else has. I think these books are supposed to be encouraging for hesitant cooks, but when the first ingredient for lobster soup is canned lobster soup... is this cookery or assembly.

'Premium' foods are less healthy than budget brands.
-I must admit I'm a fool for Sainsbury's 'Taste the Difference' or Tesco's 'Finest' range, and will generally try a supermarket 'premium' brand when its released. Today we read that they are in fact much unhealthier than the regular brands. I don't think that this should be new to anybody, of course they are; 'our creamiest ever' 'our sweetest ever', generally means unhealthy... But oh so good.

How did Aberdeen get in such a pickle?
This article starts: 'Everyone agrees that the Granite City has an alcohol problem...'
I did think in the back of my mind, but didn't know it was national knowledge! To summarise there's lots of money in Aberdeen and not much to do, all the bars are concentrated on a short stretch of Union street meaning that a lot of people with money are around the non moneyed, (ghastly) leading to crime and violence fuelled by alcohol. Ha, apparently we need an east end for the poor to socialise and... batter each other.

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