Wednesday, 13 February 2008

Have I mentioned that I want a dog? I've wanted one for years? I'm not yet able to have one because I rent my flat, so animals are not allowed (although I have a cat! shhh). Realistically I wont have one for a few more years, I know this, but I'm still a little obsessed; I have Italian Greyhound books on the coffee table, Weimarana pictures as my desktop background and Dachshund slippers! So needles to say that on my daily walk home from work, when I pass my local vet surgery I have a little peek through the window, just to see what's sniffing about. Anyway today as I left work the beautiful winter sunshine of the morning was gone, instead the thick Scottish harr (sea fog to you and me) was making it difficult to see 10 yards ahead, so, as I'd walked past the vet's I noticed that the door was just being opened, of course I immediately spun around AND continued to walk backwards, wondering what sort of hound would come bounding out. But instead of seeing anything I hit my heel against a mini bollard and proceeded to fall on may back! This in front of an audience of queued cars and on top of my humiliation, disappointment; as I see a man leave the vet practice with a hamster cage!
When I got home I made Fish and Chips!

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